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We Are Unorthodox

Unorthodox is a vision born from Adam ElGammal, our CEO. Unorthodox Productions Inc. ("Unorthodox") is a company that celebrates the rarity and oneness of the universe, humans, and nature. The brand is built from the concept of inclusivity, higher consciousness, and luxurious minimalism. Unorthodox is a luxurious lifestyle brand for people to wear, feel and be their true authentic selves while also being a part of nature and a higher calling. Adam has built the lifestyle brand along with his mother, Deloris, and his sister, Lames.

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Adam ElGammal is archaic,  a visionary, and an optimist. He is also attending the Univerity of Miami.

Adam suffered from depression for a long time due to materialistic and negative energy through his experiences. While one day in his dorm room he returned back to his love of the world. This included from humans, nature and the universe. He then manifested his dream into a brand. He seeks to help humans unlock their potential and realize the vastness of life and the universe. There is more to life than what is put in front of us, and with that in mind he seeks to create a world of kindness, love, adventure and awakening. 


Lames, an ancient Egyptian Pharaonic name pronounced La- Mees,  is a graduate of Brown University with a BA in Biology.

In spite of her degree, she’s always been a creative individual, with eclectic dreams and ideas filling her days and painting her nights. She sees the world as a mystical place, filled with vivid colors, dramatic hues, and wondrous diversity. She captures these elements in her unique illustrations.

Lames has always had a love for animals and nature. You will often find her lost in the wonder of the natural world around her, collecting seashells, growing plants, and cuddling and protecting the universe’s most vulnerable creatures. There is no challenge she can’t meet.

Lames is athletically gifted, a regular in the sports world from HS through college. Though she cherished the strength of body and mind that sports brought to her life, it also threw a cloak on her creativity as she became part of the endless, year-round cycle of practices, training, etc.

Through this mixed blessing, she was able to get an offer to play basketball on the collegiate level and achieve her dream of going to Brown University, an Ivy league school filled with creatives and unique thinkers just like her. However, the crushing weight of performing in an elite sports program plagued with issues became detrimental to her emotional, spiritual, and mental health.

She made the difficult but courageous decision to step away from sports. Only once she was freed was she able to begin healing herself and rediscovering her creativity. She was able to use this newly formed strength as a form of expression and healing. She has reestablished and reconnected with her creative gifts.

Lames uses her passion for art, her journey of healing, and her knowledge of science to introduce people to art in a brand-new way.  She has created a community, Tea ‘n Tint, to use art to transmute individual personal experiences into beautiful illustrations. Once she learned of her brother's vision to launch Unorthodox, she immediately connected to the concept and mission behind the company and joined in.


Deloris is the wife of Mohamed ElGammal and the mother of her two business partners, Lames and Adam.  She has three degrees: a BA, an MA, and a JD degree. She has keen business acumen and is a people person due to her experiences as a consultant, attorney, and professor.  And yet, while those degrees and experiences may seem impressive on paper, she doesn’t define herself by them.

Deloris is a voracious learner of life and considers herself a student of the universe.  Her children, family, and friends are her passion.   Her mind is always open to new ideas, concepts, ways of thinking, and ideologies.  Yet, though open-minded, she can filter out the silt and flotsam of the external world.

She is fiercely protective of the good people she holds dear, and those who don’t mean well only mistake her kindness for weakness once. She embraced this way of living while raising Adam and Lames into the powerful young adults they are today. She is a fearless self-starter who's never met a challenge she couldn't handle, including starting Unorthodox with her two children.

Though the idea of Unorthodox is Adam’s vision, she and her husband foresaw that their children would own their own company one day years prior. Deloris and Mohamed incorporated a corporation for Lames and Adam in 2010 entitled "Semalad". Semalad is a blend of Lames and Adam's names spelled backward.

The vision for Unorthodox was born during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. While the family huddled together in the kitchen of the family home, lost in Zoom world, Adam stated he wanted to start a visionary business that would be inspirational to everyone, especially for those who never felt counted or who always felt unrepresented.  Deloris and Mohamed were able to present the corporation, Semalad ,to both Lames and Adam.  The corporation’s name was legally changed to Unorthodox Productions Inc.

Adam's vision, born from his experiences, made sense to Deloris because she is a lover of inclusion and a pain destroyer.  She witnessed firsthand the struggles that both Adam and her daughter experienced due to the struggles they experienced and immediately became passionate about Unorthodox's purpose and mission.

Welcoming new ideas and experiences, even if they're uncomfortable and only as long as they're for good, Deloris jumped right in with her children to put forth Unortodox's message. Stay tuned, now and forever.

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